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Can anyone explain this?

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours on the phone to Virgin trying to deal with the insurance that I didn't ask for, for a phone that I don't have, for a time period that is several months different to my contact! Eventually they accepted that they had made several mistakes and refunded the premiums.
Today I had the following text:
"OK, we've now removed Virgin Media Protect from your package. Your allowances have all been updated, too!"
Obviously the first sentence is fine but what does the second sentence mean? I have two mobile contracts with them. I haven't asked for any changes and yet they've updated ALL my allowances! So that appears to mean minutes, texts, data, etc on both phones! I've checked and can see that one of my phones remains unchanged but I'm not sure about the other: I can't remember what allowances I had.
Can anyone think of any reason that cancelling insurance would affect my allowances?
Also, can any English teachers explain what the comma before the last word of their text is there for!: "Your allowances have all been updated, too!"
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Re: Can anyone explain this?

Hi chevrons2


I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had with your package and the insurance. I'd like to see if I can clarify the situation here so I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Hope to hear from you soon.


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