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Can I top up data on a rolling sim contract?

I'm on the £10pm rolling sim only contract which allows for 2GB per month, and I've only got 158MB left and another 13 days until it renews. On the Virgin mobile app, I clicked to top up but it only gives options for monetary amounts to add (£5, £10 etc) without any options to specifically go towards data or anything, and I can't see a guide for how much data costs on Virgin Mobile outside of the set allowances on monthly contracts. I know you can pay £2 a day for unlimited usage once you go over your limit, but I really don't want to end up spending about £20 for ten days of very small data usage.

If I can even top up 500MB it would be really helpful, is there any way to do that? If not, how much will data cost me if I were to top up my credit in general?

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Re: Can I top up data on a rolling sim contract?

There's no topup for data on monthly sims :-(

When you run out, you will be charged £2 @day for unlimited data each day you use data until your refresh date, other option is to turn mobile data off on your phone and don't use any data.
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