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Buying new phone, told wrong info....

I have been with Virgin for a few years now and decided to go for a new phone(and less minutes)  seeing that my contract(sim only)is up on the 24th this month.
Having looked at the phones available from Virgin, I decided to go for the HTC One Mini 2.
Total monthly price and tariff from £17 it says....
So I called Virgin and talked about it...said I would like the phone and said I wanted the £10 tariff and seeing that I have been a loyal customer, was there any chance of discount?
No was the reply , we are already giving you discount at that price (£22).
Excuse me....what discount?
That is the regular cost(£12 for phone and £10 for tariff).
In the end I settled for a different phone and tariff at only a bit more each month than I would have paid just for sim only.

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