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Buying New PASG Phone With Rewards And Credit?


I'd appreciate some advice please if possible?

I'm a Pay As You Go customer and am looking to upgrade my smart phone. The one I have now is fairly basic and it's a couple of years old, so I'd like something a bit better but nothing too extravagant or expensive.

I currently have £30 in bonus saved towards a phone but I do have quite a lot of phone credit ( over £200 ) as it stands at the moment, so I would like to know if it's possible to use phone credit towards purchase as well as the bonus?

Also, is £30 the maximum amount of bonus you are allowed, as I must have paid in well over £300 by now?

Oh and one more question...

It seems that sim cards are a bit smaller now than they were when i last changed my phone, is it possible to move credit from one phone to another if any new phone I buy has to use the smaller sim?

Many thanks for any help or advice you can give me  Smiley Happy


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Re: Buying New PASG Phone With Rewards And Credit?

On the main point of using call credit to pay for a phone - I don't know on that one, I suspect not directly - but someone else will probably be able to answer that for you. If there is a specific phone you want have you tried phoning to ask?

IIRC the bonus amounts collect together and run for 24 months, any bonus amount older than that expires (I read that in the t&cs years ago but can't find it now).

If you phone 789 and ask for a replacement sim for your existing account they can send you a multi cut sim (to fit any phone) with the same number and balance.

Also, don't forget to check alternative sources when buying a phone as sometimes it's more economical.

Finally...over £200? Are you topping up every month to get data by any chance? If you want/need to stay on PAYG you can opt to not top up on occasion and pay the standard rates from your balance, if you want to consider changing to pay monthly that amount would last about 2 years (baring any extra costs) on a £9/month SIMO.

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