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Billing Extras and Compliants

Guess what !

I was a new costumer who came over from Vodefone becuase they were adding little amounts to my monthly bill, and when you contacted customer services they got it wrong or just lied to get off the called.

Well been with Virgin for nearly two months and thankfull I did not sign a contract, what a FUBAR. Firstly it took two attempts to get the sims for my PHONES, secondly when I topped up a pay as you go at the time of joining I didn't get the extra £10.00 only to have been told this week by text of course that this GIFT has now been stopped by Virgin ! IRONICLY AS I DIDN'T GET IT ANYWAY WHEN I SHOULD HAVE.

Thirdly - Was not told abount extra costs when I join so did not know about sending pictures, even though I have UNLIMITED TEXTS !  WHAT unlimited means unlimited so if a text is to large yoiu get charged for it !!!!!  and if that is not bad enough i had to called the Police whilst at work only to be charged for that call as well - ? HOLD ON I thought emergency calls on mobiles were FREE there are at Vodefone, EE, 3, Tescos, Sainsbury got the point.

So I thought I would contact CUSTMOER SERVICE for HELP, ye and how do you think that went .... You guest it over a week ago and still NOTHING. gave them all 3 of my numbers and account details and the problems and questions and NOTHING.

CUSTOMER SERVICE or HELP as Virging would call it, can not be mistaken for something else like please waste you time on contacting us just so we can ignore you, **bleep** you off and loss a customer and start going down the road as Vodafone as we are Virgin we're perfect.

Well your not am so happy I did not sign contract with you and really I am looking to going back to Vodafone. Sir Richrad shame you don't get these see comments.



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Re: Nilling Extras and Compliants

Hi Angel1960,


Welcome to the forums.


I'm sorry that you've had so much trouble. I want to help as much as possible.


With all networks, you will be charged for MMS messages and SMS messages that are too long. With regards to the 999 charge, I want to look into this for you. I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps. You can view this by clicking the purple envelope in the top right.



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Re: Billing Extras and Compliants

If you called the police on the non-emergency 101 number, it will have cost 15p - this is what is says on the police website about it:

How much does it cost to call 101?

Calls to 101 (from both landlines and mobile networks) cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day you call, or how long you are on the phone.

The 15p cost of the call goes to the telephony providers to cover the cost of carrying the calls. The police and government receive no money from calls to 101.

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Re: Billing Extras and Compliants

i have just renewed my phone with virgin took the cheapest tarriff £5 but getting bills in at the same amount everyweek £42 they have suspened my account which they can stick i have not used this amount i only take it to work in case theres a emergency my hubby as all unlimited on his so i use this or my anytime landline with sky i have phoned up numerous amount of times can not get anyone from uk only philipines whom said it was a mistake on my bill ence 2 days later another £42 added on there is a scam somewhere aong the line can anyone help me please

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