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Battery Dying at 30 - 40%

I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. I have had this phone for about six months now, and it has worked perfectly during those six months. However, recently, I started noticing weird things happening with battery. It was taking forever to charge, and always seemed to die around 30 - 40%. I've tried everything to fix this, and nothing has worked. What do I do? 

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Re: Battery Dying at 30 - 40%

So at 30-40% battery left the phone just cuts out, dead (maybe no normal shutdown sequence either). Yes?

In general it's always worth checking for things like an app with excessive usage (check in the battery section of settings for anything unusual) or a faulty charger / cable. Also, charging with the phone powered off can sometimes be useful.

However, in your case you are describing typical symptoms of a failed battery. For a quick initial check take the battery out of the phone (it is removeable from the Core Prime) and look at it - it should be flat, if you spin it on a table it should act like a pack of cards (i.e. not really spin) and not a spinning top.
If the battery is bloated don't use it.

Do you normally leave your phone on charge overnight, most nights?

Where did you buy the phone from?
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Re: Battery Dying at 30 - 40%

Magic is spot on, if the phone is a virgin phone call 789 the battery should be a gtee replacement. If it's not then try where you bought it from but their gtee period may be shorter than Virgins

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Re: Battery Dying at 30 - 40%

Hey Bencorbett0303,


Welcome into the Community, It's great to see a new face Smiley Happy


I am sorry to read about the mobile's battery, 30-40% is certainly an issue that we'd need to be looking into here. I can see you've already had some sound advice from a few members of the Forum, thanks everyone.


Can you let me us know how you got on when calling into us?


All the best.

Ben and team

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