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Barred every Tuesday - Annoyed!!

Hi Everyone,

I need help or advice. I have had numerous contracts with Virgin Mobile over the years and my latest one I have had for about 1 year now. But since Oct 2015 Virgin have cut my phone off every Tuesday. It is always because my DD is not set up (which it is, every Tuesday when I call them to get myself unbarred).

When it first started happening Virgin asked me to check with my bank which I have and there are no issues with my bank. I went back to Virgin and told them this.

After about 6 weeks of this happening and me getting extremely annoyed about having to call them every week to get my mobile back up and running I was then told it was an IT issue and other customers were experiencing this and Virgin were going to log the issue and this would be rectified asap.

Well its December and guess what it is still happening and I rang today to get my mobile reactivated again but this time its due to DD issues again. I mentioned as well about the IT issue and the lady on the end of the phone said this was not true.

So Virgin have LIED to me!!

I am at my wits end. All I want is a mobile contract where my DD goes out 26th of every month and they don't cut me off because of DD issues.

Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?

Also here are all the dates I have had to contact Virgin starting from most recent: 8th Dec, 1st Dec, 25th Nov, 18th Nov, 17th Nov, 11th Nov, 5th Nov, 3rd Nov, 27th Oct, 19th Oct & 10th Oct.

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Re: Barred every Tuesday - Annoyed!!

Virgin, have in the past had this issue, if it still happening I don't know, one work around was:

Call today and cancel the DD, call in 24 hours later and reinstate it, can't promise it will work for you, but it did for my wife and I  hope it helps


the staff won't tell you to do this as Virgin don't like it being done

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