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Awful online services for mobiles

Hi all,


I have a Virgin Mobile "sim only - pay monthly" account.


I tried to call a number abroad and received a message "the international calls are barred". Quite surprised, as I did not asked for such a "service" (or lack of), I tried to find any information on how to enable international calls. Unfortunately, the online knowledge base is full of all sorts of useless information, but does not have anything about my problem (as always).


Ok, I decided to log in into my mobile account on "". Looks like the stars are in the right order for the "internet" account, however they aren't for the mobile - no matter what I tried to do - I can't log in. Yeah, it is a very "bright" idea to have two separate accounts for these services. Please tell it to the person who invented it. Any login details I tried did not work. Ok, I thought - maybe I forgot something and I did not register? I tried to register - the site asks for the phone number and a crappy captcha. No matter how many times I tried - the page just refreshes. Well, maybe I am already registered - so I tried to use "forgot password" functionality.... which proven to be crap as well - it asks for email address and successfully doesn't work.


As usual, there is impossible to contact the support online - via email or chat service (if you do not know how this works or don't have competent engineers to set it up - have a look at O2). Yes, I know that I can call the support and wait half of hour on the line until someone answers - it's either because support has too many calls to answer because of the quality of the service or they just want to get rid of their clients.


I am really disappointed by the mobile service and will consider switching to another provider. I am completely happy to pay more, but get a quality service instead of this crap.


Thank you for anyone who read this rant to the end.

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Re: Awful online services for mobiles

Ring 789 free and get it sorted if they put the phone down on you let me know

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