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Awful Virgin Mobile Customer Service- Call back needed to resolve Issue

I have just spent 43 minutes speaking to a so called customer service operator, called Melvin in the Philippines and in all our poor communication with Virgin, this is by far the most appauling service we have received.

My son believed he had gone over his data on his mobile phone since switching to a new tariff last month, and did not receive any text warning him he was approaching his data allowance for the month.
Melvin in the retention team, I spoke to tonight 18th Jan at 20:51 initially insisted that texts are not sent out, and we need to use the app. Yet we know from having the same issue last month with my daughters mobile account, that the texts should be sent out. ( and the customer services person who dealt with my daughters mobile issue was extremely helpful and sorted out the issue immediately.)

Melvin was obnoxious, blatantly rude, abrupt and very bullish and said the only option was to change my sons tariff to stop it happening again the next month. She then accused my son was lying that he had not received any texts, thus back tracking on what she first said that no texts are sent out.
I requested to speak to a manager but no managers were available to speak to as Melvin said they were on other calls, and I said I would hold and after 15 minutes, when Melvin came back on the line not a single  Manager was available- Clearly, it appeared to be a tactic NOT to deal with this issue.

I then requested a call back from a senior manager, and Melvin quoted there was no such department to deal with complaints, that had not been resolved.

So, my  sons mobile phone issue is still outstanding.


I still do not know for certain how much if indeed he has gone over his Data, as Melvin didn’t confirm anything.

I am a Virginmedia customer of at least 10 years, and holding 4 mobile accounts, and I expect to get treated better than this.

Please can a Manager call to discuss how we can ensure my Son receives these texts, to prevent him going over the data he has been allocated, within his package.

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Re: Awful Virgin Mobile Customer Service- Call back needed to resolve Issue

Hi Speckyspeck,


I would advise that you check on your sons remaining allowance by logging into the account or using the Account App: Check balance and allowances

If necessary you can turn off mobile data in the settings on your son's phone (£2 per day for out of tariff use).


AlexKid :-)

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