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Appalling !!!!

I had 2 lines from Virgin for 2 years, one Sim only and one full contract, come upgrade time and they won't renew, ok not really a problem as the full contract is my sons and he wanted to take it over himself anyway, spoke to someone in Mobile who said they didn't want to lose me as a customer - even though they weren't actually losing a customer just switching the names on the contract, eventually I ended up getting annoyed and putting a complaint in at the ineptitude of the call handler. Shortly later I received a call from complaints who went through everything with me and made an offer of £60 credit on to the account to cover the last months bill and the in between period of switching the accounts over and the period that my son will be on PAYG, they also put in the calendar a call back for the 12th Aug to sort everything out - needless to say the callback never came.

I called on Saturday and after being on the phone for 1h 34m I was told there is no agreement in place and no notes on the system at all - even though I have the letter in front of me - gave them the complaint number etc - nothing!

Requested to speak to a supervisor and was told it could take up to 24 hours so I waited the 24 hours out - needless to say - no call! rang back 3 times and each time after 20 or so mins they just hung up.

Had enough now - put a complaint in to CISAS this morning - there's £360 it's just cost you to start for such appalling customer service!

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Re: Appalling !!!!

Hi Bigjayce,


Thank you for coming back and posting about the recent issues on the mobile and the upgrade.


I would really like to look into this but have been unable to locate your account.


If you can have a little look inside your 'Inbox', you'll see I've sent you a 'Private Message'. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope Smiley Happy


Take care.


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