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Anyone have any solid contact info for a service team with Virgin Mobile UK

Been with Virgin Mobile for 16 years now.  Every time my mobile comes up for renewal its an uber uber nightmare.  I can't seem to do it with the normal teams.  Few glitches behind the scenes, I always get the standard chat of "computer says no!" I press and press then usually with blind luck I end up contacting someone in a service team that knows what is wrong and helps me out.  Am in the same boat again today.  Ages on the phone to someone who called me to tell me my renewal is upon us and wanted to sort it for me.  Chat chat says no.

I tried the online chat thingy.  Spent half an hour on it, literally asking for just a postal address for me to write to or an e-mail address.  Virgin don't seem to do either anymore.  A lot of pain for a can't help you response.

Does anyone in this group have an e-mail address to a service team in the UK.  Any contact number for a competent rep or even just a postal address for me to write it down.  

I really like Virgin reception, the handsets, the ongoing bills.  It all works for me.  But every time the renewal comes up, I seem to spend weeks sorting.  Any tips warmly appreciated.


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Re: Anyone have any solid contact info for a service team with Virgin Mobile UK

Hi Stewart17,


unfortunately there is no email address for Virgin Mobile.

You can write to them at:

Virgin Media
PO Box 333
Matrix Court

But I would advise calling them: Free call 789 from a Virgin mobile, 150 from a Virgin landline.

0345 6000 789 from any other phone (standard call rate).

Virgin prefer all calls to be routed via their main contact numbers and choose the appropriate option, but it is just "pot luck" as to which advisor your call is connected to.

Good luck Smiley Happy


AlexKid :-)

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