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Any positive comments or experience?

Hello one and all,
I have been looking at the possibility of swapping to Virgin Mobile, and porting my current Vodafone number to Virgin.
However, it seems that the forum is full of complaints about number porting.
Does anyone have any positive comments or experience with number porting and the service in general, or is it really as bad as the posts in this forum suggest?

Thanks,..... Amazingmin.
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Re: Any positive comments or experience?

Depends what you want. 

If it is a simple phone service and some data then Virgin is OK

However, if you want things like 4G, Call Forwarding,  and Conference Calling these are not available on Virgin 

Most of the problems on here seem to revolve around Virgin's IT systems. The website keeps throwing up problems from time to time, the ordering system has had a Technical Glitch which is now well into month 3 and the roaming settings on the web sometimes don't work leaving people stranded abroad.

My daughter uses Virgin in her job but it is 99% calls with just the odd text and whatsapp message and it works fine.