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Am I ever going to get this phone contract?

I still haven't received an email confirmation after being on the phone for an hour yesterday (being hung up on and so on as well) trying to sort out why my order hasn't been processed.

I was told within a few hours the contract that needs to be signed would come through and its the morning of the next day and it hasn't.

This is extremely stressful as I was told on the phone I would need to sign by certain time today to get it on Monday. I've already missed getting it today, the day I was supposed to get it if virgin media can contacted me like they promised in 24 hours.

What is happening? I was promised this was sorted yesterday and the order was processed but I'm still getting nothing. Half tempted to give up as I'm a new customer and I've already cancelled my previous contract expecting virgin to be on the ball. All I can say to that is - lol
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Re: Am I ever going to get this phone contract?

Hi Semizelda,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't heard from the team in the time frame that was promised to you. I understand you want to get this done swiftly as you're keen to get a new phone.


I'm afraid we're not able to chase up orders via the forum. I know it can sometimes take 24 hours for the email to come through from what I've seen though. So I can't give you a definitive answer as to what is happening. Has it come through now?


If you've still not heard anything then I would definitely recommend calling the team back on 0345 6000 789 and they'll take another look and give you a reason for the delay.


I'd be very keen to hear the outcome so please keep me updated.



Forum Team
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