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Again! Mobile internet

So for the second evening in a row I have no internet connection, even tho i'm H+, the call centre is useless, as per usual, there are no add ons, the only network provider not to have them. Last night's issues appear to have been nationwide, and what do we get out of Virgin? SILENCE. After major issues with broadband I no longer pay you over £100 a month, I pay sky again and get a superb service, both media wise and customer service wise, and they all speak english which makes it easier. Final straw no longer paying £30 a month for this. That's almost £1,500 a year I will now be paying to other companies who will actually provide me with decent services....

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Re: Again! Mobile internet

Hi thisised,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your mobile internet was not working.


It's terribly frustrating when you want to use your service and it doesn't work. It was a nationwide network issue which was also affecting me.


I've checked the communication and it says it's now been resolved. Are you able to confirm if it's now working?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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