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Activating new SIM


I recently ordered a new SIM card, and yesterday I tried to activate it (I am intending on keeping my existing number of PAYG). 

As instructed, I sent the text to 789678 and received a reply almost instantly (this said "OK, we've received your request to activate your new SIM. It'll be up and running within 24 hours - just pop in your new SIM to check if it's ready to use")

It has now been more than 24 hours and my new SIM still doesn't appear to be working - I have rebooted my phone several times and I have checked and my old SIM seems to have been deactivated. Is this usual? I'm a little annoyed as I waited nearly two weeks for the SIM to arrive in the first place and actually had to order another replacement SIM. I was hoping to have my new SIM up and running by now as I will be travelling a lot over the next few weeks and really can't be without mobile service. I also don't have access to a landline to call VM. Is there anything I can do or can anyone advise? 

Thanks in advance!

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