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Accessing the internet when there is no WiFi

This is probably a very simple question but I have an internet package with a certain amount of data allowance every month. I want to use this when I'm travelling around London and think I should simply turn on Mobile data. 

However, I got stung by Virgin over the summer when they said there was a £2 charge per day for turning this on. So I got a £50 surcharge one month.

Can someone let me know what I should be doing so that I don't get another unexpected bill.

Many thanks

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Re: Accessing the internet when there is no WiFi

 Hi nckryan,


the £2 per day charge is only for out of tariff mobile data use.

You say that you have a data allowance in your tariff, how much is it?

Depending on your device you may be able to set a warning or even limit it as you reach that amount (I can on my Android device).

Or just keep a close eye on your usage in your Virgin Mobile account / Account App and if necessary disable it before going over (or consider raising your tariff).


AlexKid :-)

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