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Absolutely no loyalty to customers

Just for those looking to upgrade with Virgin, my advice is to not bother. 

My first Virgin phone was an Alcatel DC Max, back in 2001. I have been with Virgin ever since.


My latest contract has rolled to an end so naturally I ask for an upgrade to the Samsung S6 (Currently using a S4). The headline deal is the very best they can offer- No discounts for being with Virgin Media, no loyalty for 14 years. The best they can offer is £34 a month for the same tariff that O2 offer for £27.50. Heck, even EE you can get the same with 5GB 4g data for £32.49.

Even in light of this, it was a firm 'sorry sir, we do not offer loyalty bonuses anymore, we just try to be competitive for all'.

You are more expensive then your competitors and you snub your current longstanding customers.

It goes without saying I have now cancelled.

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Re: Absolutely no loyalty to customers

Hi Law000,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


We're really sorry to have lost you as a customer. This isn't something that we like to see at all.


I hope we can have you back as a customer in the not too distant future. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to persuade you to re-join immediately.



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