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Roaming can now be activated through your online account. Log in here and you'll be able to turn this on through Plan and Devices and manage services.
I did this and was taken to a site that has no mention of Plan and Devices and manage services.
Stuck in Italy with no phone cover please help.
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Re: Abroad

From the 'sticky'.

If you're abroad and roaming isn't working at all for you, the same team will be able to look into it for you. They can be reached on +447953967967. The team can turn this on from their side. Once this has been done, give your phone a hard reboot (popping the battery out of the phone while it's turned on ) to allow the sim a connection refresh.


Might be your best bet to borrow a phone and call them

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Re: Abroad

Hi johncameron24,


once you've logged into your account you need to click on  the "Plan and device" tab (near the top of the page).

Go to "Manage my services" set "Roaming" to ON & "International call barring" to OFF

Allow time for your account to update then reboot your phone by turning it off & on again.


If you are still struggling you may be able to use the web chat option to speak to an advisor starting from here: Help and Support - Contact Us > Mobile > Mobile not working > Chat online.

The advisors are often busy though so you may not get connected straight away.


Or if you can borrow a phone, call Virgin Mobile their UK support line: +447953 967 967


AlexKid :-)

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