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APN Settings for New LG Phone

Hi, Just bought a new LG G5 phone and cannot find the APN settings as the the phone does not appear in the list of LG phones on the VM website.

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: APN Settings for New LG Phone

Hi Armdalesyd


Sorry to hear about the difficulty you're experiencing at the moment, I've had a look and searched by operating system to find some instructions for you.


  • Touch Settings.
  • Touch More / More Networks
  • Touch Mobile Networks.
  • Touch Access Point Names.
  • Touch the + icon.
  • Enter the following settings:
  1. Name: Virgin Media Int
  2. APN:
  3. Proxy: Not set
  4. Port: Not set
  5. Username: user
  6. Password: Not set
  7. Server: Not set
  8. MMSC:  Not set
  9. MMS proxy: Not set
  10. MMS port: Not set
  11. MCC: 234
  12. MNC: 30
  13. Authentication type: PAP
  14. APN type: default, supl
  15. APN protocol: IPV4
  16. APN roaming protocol: IPV4
  17. APN enable/disable: APN enabled
  18. Bearer: Unspecified
  19. MVNO type: None
  20. MVNO value: Not set
  • Once entered, touch the Menu icon.
  • Touch Save.
  • Touch and hold the new profile to activate.
  • New profile will now be activated.

I hope this helps


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