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A VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER !!! - Virgin mobile is NOT worth it!

As far as i'm concerned, Virgin make endless promises that they cannot keep and as soon as i fly back to UK next week, i'm giving them 30 days' notice to walk away.

I have been in Spain for the past 2 weeks and in those weeks, i have kept up with my payments for any international calls, purchased travel passes at 250MB worth £20 each time!!!. We have just moved into our new property and as we had costly deliveries coming, thanks to Virgin Mobile promising to sort out my suspension( Even after keeping up with my payments to bring my limit back to normal, they still suspended my account). I missed some deliveries because they could not phone me.I wish now that i had arranged the deliveries using my husband Three network.

Every single day, i used my husband's Three network number to phone Virgin customer service number who kept making endless promises, something about, my account has been sent to a 'special team' to sort it. Something that  i heard almost everytime. I was like, " my direct debit went out just fine, my international call charges are all paid up, i have no outstanding payments and yet, i can neither make nor receive calls!!!).

My husband left Virgin mobile ages ago simply because he could not use his phone while abroad even when we knew that we can afford it. Everytime he phoned Virgin well in advance to let them know that he was going abroad, they promised that his simcard would work abroad, but as usual , it never did.

He has been telling me to do the same and leave virgin and like an idiot, i stood by virgin , well, not anymore.

My simcard has been blocked since 26th March and it has nothing to do with outstanding payments. I have been told that there was a glitch with their system to i can't understand why your simcard is still not usable to we are sending this problem to a 'special team' to sort it and it will be back to normal in 24 hours - That was 26th March!!!!!! (Its 6th April today!!).

Virgin - I'm sorry to be rude but you're pathetic!

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Re: A VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER !!! - Virgin mobile is NOT worth it!

And of course Spain is an 'At Home' destination with Three so standard charges out of your allowance. Easy isn't it?

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