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A 1st for virgin they dont want my money!!!!

The wife broke her phone so I wanted to get her a cheap one for now but all PAYG phones come with a £10 top up but as i'm already in a sim contract i don't need this.

So i phoned to ask weather i can get this charge waived so i can just buy the phone,

One person said No,

The next said they dont sell the phone thats plastered all over the website!!!!!!

The next said i can buy the phone with the credit then call customer service and get the money refunded!!! OOww really!!! (ill give you the money and fight for it back!)

So it seems they are happy for me to go get the same phone elsewhere and lose the sale of the phone over a £10 pound credit on a sim that never gets used.

So i have one of three choices

Buy the phone, give VM £44.99 and I waste £10

Dont buy the £44.99 phone and VM lose out on cost of phone £34.99, over £10 Credit that will never get used 


Buy the phone elsewhere with a £10 credit that wont get used for less then VM wanted to charge me all in cost £39.99 so im £5 better off then buying from VM

Might not seem much money but how many have had the same issue i bet the numbers would make that loss to VM add up pretty quickly


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