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8+ year Virgin Media customer, 2 year Virgin Mobile customer.. declined multiple times.


Not sure if this in the right place, but you really didn't have a 'rant at us' section on your forums, and I'm sure this will end up as a rant of sorts.

I've been a paying Virgin Media customer for 8+ years, and while I haven't always made EVERY payment on time in those 8 years, with the odd payment being a few days late due to whatever circumstances which I understand is my own fault, but I have over those 8 years made every payment, and if I have been cut off for a period, I made it my priority to get that bill paid ASAP.

So in June 2013 I decided as I have all my other services with Virgin Media, and they've always been good to me and I've never really had a problem, that I would get a contract mobile, also with Virgin. This went completely fine, I called into the shop, picked a phone and was on my way within the hour, happy with the ease of which my phone was given to me, and the actual contract and price themselves.

As an added note, I missed the very first mobile payment Virgin Mobile tried to take from me, as I had a text saying it would be on or around a certain date, but ended up coming out the day before I got paid causing unpaid direct debit charges and the direct debit itself to be cancelled by my bank. I don't blame virgin for this, just put it down to bad timing and took it as a life lesson and thought I could continue with the contract and just pay the bill every month myself, as the direct debit had been cancelled and to prevent more unpaid charges.

Fast forward to the end of my contract, 2 years later and here begins the start of my problems really, I called the Virgin Mobile team to attempt to upgrade my mobile phone only to get declined because I hadn't made 3 'good payments'. Turns out the 'good payments' just meant 'Direct Debit Payments' all my actual card payments that allowed me to pay for my contract for 2 years were meaningless.

So I was understandably quite annoyed, but ended up getting told the only thing I could really do was re-setup the direct debit and make the 3 payments required, meaning I would have to wait 3 months after my contract expired to get an upgrade, and that I'd only be allowed a mid range phone.

While certainly insulted, and pretty peeved, I took it as it was and decided that I would just get a mid range phone 3 months later, so I continued with my original phone, which at this point in time isn't working properly, the battery is dying in less than 2 hours, phone crashes whenever it connects to 3G etc, so I figured I'd manage with this phone for as long as possible before calling back.

So on the 27th July 2015 I called again as my phone is pretty much dead, I'd made 2 direct debit payments, and was phoning to see if that with all my other payments and my Virgin Media payments would suffice, I spoke a women(cannot remember any names sorry) who told me she could see I had made 5 good payments (3 of which weren't direct debits but the most recent 2 were) but that she couldn't see any reason why it would be declined, so she sent off an application for me to move from a level C1 to a level C2 and said it could take up to 72 hours for a response, and to call back on 30th of July.

Which leads us today, I woke up quite excited at the thought of getting my phone upgraded, so instead of phoning up I went into my local Virgin Media shop to see about upgrading on the spot, I wasn't even in there for 2 minutes before being told that the credit check had been declined, and that if I wanted to know more I'd have to phone the Virgin Media team. I phoned them right outside the shop where I spoke to another women who told me it wasn't my Virgin Mobile account causing the problem, it was my Virgin Media account. At this point I was pretty angry, so I asked to speak to a manager, I finally got put through to one and he said the same thing, it was a problem with my Virgin Media account and not the mobile account, and he couldn't tell me anything about it, and that because it had been declined I would have to wait another 3 months before even attempting to upgrade my phone again. He then said all he could do was put me through to the Virgin Media team. After a bit of a rant in his direction he put me through to the Virgin Media team where I spoke to another guy, he looked over my account and yet couldn't see any late or missing payments, and told me I was actually £9ish in credit.

So now I knew it wasn't my Virgin Media account causing the problem I'm wondering what the first 2 representatives I spoke to were even on about, anyway, I once again got put through to Virgin Mobile where I spoke to another rep who I explained the problem too but he also couldn't find anything wrong, and before I knew it without any say so, I'd been put through to the final person I'd be speaking too.

This final person I spoke to was the only rep I spoke to that didn't speak to me like I was some criminal, like it was all my fault. He told me that it was due to the fact that I've only made two direct debit payments and every other payment is meaningless, that I need to make one more payment before I can upgrade, even though not 20 minutes before I had been told that I wouldn't be able to upgrade for another 3 months.

So now, with over 8+ years of various payments, multiple home contract upgrades, and a mobile phone contract that I paid for the full 2 years and now more, I'm still unable to upgrade my phone, and even if I make another 'good payment' by Direct Debit, at most I'm only going to be able to get a mid range phone.

So now I'm not sure what to do, am I in the wrong for wanting to upgrade my phone? I figured that was the purpose of having a contract phone. I have the option of either waiting even longer in the hopes of being accepted or cancelling my contract and going elsewhere.

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Re: 8+ year Virgin Media customer, 2 year Virgin Mobile customer.. declined multiple times.

Might be worth reading this


Seems the contract is split into two and the phone element is a loan. A number of people on here have been refused credit even with good Experian scores as it seems Virgin make the decision without reference to any credit agency.


If it is going to be a hassle see what others will offer you. 

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Re: 8+ year Virgin Media customer, 2 year Virgin Mobile customer.. declined multiple times.

Hi Geexbee,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm disappointed to hear you're not able to upgrade your phone. I'm sorry for all the trouble you've had trying to find a solution.


I'll now send you a private message to discuss further. To view this click on the red envelope on the top left.


I hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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