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4G to 3G

Here's a quick question for the techies on here..
So in my car I stream internet radio from my mobile, it works well, but what I've noticed is if I loose my 4G connection it seemlessly moves to 3G, but it will never move back to 4G unless I stop and Internet usage! I've observed this a lot, even when I know I should have full 4G signal it never swaps back unless I stop the internet radio app from streaming, now I'm not saying it's an issue with Virgin Mobile, as it was also happening to me when I was using Vodafone, with the same phone and app!
So is it not possible for the phone to seamlessly switch from 3G to 4G while there's a active internet connection happening? Or do I have a problem with my phone? (iPhone 6s Plus)
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Re: 4G to 3G

I think it more to do with the way networks are set up. I'm on 3 and the same happens on my old S5. most of the time apart from those places where there is no 1800MHZ cover then it will switch to 800MHZ


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