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3G to 4G transfer

Hi i know this doesn't happen often but a thank you for a faultless transfer.

Both myself and my partner moved from your 3g sim only to the 4g sim only, both new sim cards arrived within a week, both transferred/activated within the hour and both changed to 4g at the refresh times with nothing to be done by ourselves.

Both phones are working excellently so far with good speeds and excellent call quality.

So far we are both very happy.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: 3G to 4G transfer

Hi AndyCoffin,

Thanks for posting regarding your experience!

I am glad to see everything went to plan and is working brilliantly for you.

Don't forgot you will also be benefitting from data rollover, which will carry over unused data from your package to the following month Smiley Happy

Take care



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