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3G Swindon, and others from the sound of it.

HI  Chaps,


After many great years of wonderful service from you guys at Virgin.

- I have a problem,


(And yes I've turned our phones On and OFF again.)


Gorse Hill in Swindon, and my works, doesn't work any more on 3G, (or 2G from what I can see.) I have to travel to the M4 before I get any (workable) data signal.

(Important point.)


Because 3G does work, (but its very:,very slooooowwwwwwww!)


Now: I'm not  the only one at my place who's with virgin, and they (we) are all having the same issues.


SN2 8QD for my work postcode.


This is an on going problem, and is getting worse: anyone else in Swindon suffering from this dead-spot?

- Anyone else: suffering from the EE upgrade path?


Really considering a Vodaphone sim, because this is getting really silly now.


Virgin - please, please sort this out.

- Or even provide some pointers to a viable upgrade path: do I really need to upgrade my phone to 4G?

Do I really need: (to even buy a new phone?)


BTW - Using an iPhone 4S, works OK everywhere else, but is really suffering in this one aspect.


RGDS - A loyal customer since 1999:

- Now at the end of his tether.


And **NO!** - I haven't phoned your wretched customer service morons, because they really suck.


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Re: 3G Swindon, and others from the sound of it.

Hi terry1951,


Sorry to hear your experiencing issues using 3G in Swindon. 


I've had a check using your works postcode and cant see any issues signal wise from the masts in your area. The works postcode has a mast quite close which is rated excellent for 3G service.


We also don't currently have any faults listed for your area either.


You mentioned others are experiencing this issues also. I would probably recommend calling our Mobile Tech team on 789 or alternatively 0345 6000 789 as they will be able to flag any trends in the Swindon area.


Hope this information helps.


Let us know if you need any further assistance.





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