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£20 unlimited Sim

Hi all. Not sure if I am just venting my frustration or trying to gain a wider view of Virgins incompetence.

Last Saturday went into the Virgin store in Ipswich to purchase 2 pay monthly mobile sims on the £20 unlimited all tariff. Was duly told their systems were down and to go back in during the week or weekend and I could get the same deal but to bring my PAT code once cancelled my other provider. Went in this Saturday to be told it is no longer available and they could give me a lesser sim deal. I would of stuck with my old provider had I of known. Anyway,  rung up to complain and after getting passed to 5 different departments (the irony is that the recorded waiting message duly announces Virgins brilliant unlimited £20 sim deals) this weekend spoke to a lady who took seven goes to even get the spelling of my name wrong (gave up and was called Tyrone) to be told the same thing about the tariff being unavailable and the recording is incorrect and due to the tariffs changing this weekend, they have not had a chance to change it. The last person I spoke to was from sales and said the tariff was changed on Tuesday and she could pass me through to complaints but they have so many they cannot handle the volume and to try writing?

My question, or point, not sure which is

1. Surely this equates to false advertising

2. I am quite happy to allow for some poor sales guy in a store to make a mistake, but when you go back in and their tariff list still has it listed and the recording when you ring up still has it, surely this is false advertising (in other countries the illegal practice is called baiting)

3. Telling someone to cancel their current contract and the to say, sorry our mistake is illegal.

4. Virgin should really employ operators that can respond in the customers language. I have no issue with what country the people live or work in, and personally if I could operate a cheaper call centre out of the UK I am not sure I wouldn't, but I would make sure they could deal with the calls adequately and resolve or respond appropriately.


So where do I go from here?



(not sure what name they settled on)


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Re: £20 unlimited Sim

PAC codes expire after 30 days if not used so old provider may let you continue with your connection which should still active until PAC used..
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