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2 supposed delivery attempts! Mobile account cancelled.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S6 on Thursday, received all relevant emails. Delivery Friday...


Friday waited in all day for the delivery and nothing. Yodel's website said a delivery had been attempted and a card had been left. There's no card been left.


Today checked Yodel's website and seen it was out for delivery after 1 failed attempt. Waited in all day yet again, nothing. Just checked their website again and again it states that they tried to deliver at 16:56 and another card had been left. I have been in the house all day and nobody has tried to deliver anything!


Absolutely shocking service from Yodel.


Goodbye Virgin Mobile! Just been on to 789 and cancelled both contracts that I had!

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Re: 2 supposed delivery attempts! Mobile account cancelled.

I've actually heard of this issue before, mostly with Amazon customers. The problem is that Yodel pays their couriers per delivery attempt, so of course they all try to claim they've made more attempts than they actually have. It sucks and Virgin certainly isn't perfect. But I think it's actually an issue with Yodel on this occasion. Why anybody uses them at all anymore is beyond me.

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