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0845 number (automated bank verification) appears as missed call

I am trying to set up a payment with online banking, which requires a callback from an automated sevice.

The 0845 number disconnects immediately after ringing and appears as a missed call.

Around 20 minutes later I receive as many as 7 voicemails which include part of the automated call.

My bank says this is a known issue with Virgin.

I spoke to customer services and got nowhere.

I do not have any numbers in my block list.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: 0845 number (automated bank verification) appears as missed call

Hi optimist73

Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry to hear you're having some issues with the automated call backs.

Just to check - you don't notice this kind of behavior when you're called from any other number?

The reason we would usually see the handset exhibit behaviour like this is when the number has been blocked by the phone within the settings, but as you say you've checked this it doesn't look like it's this.

The only other reason would usually be if the Voicemail has been set to kick in after a really short time, but this would then affect all calls, not just the ones from this number.

To rule out a configuration issue on the handset, I'd definitely recommend testing the SIM in another phone.

Failing this, a factory reset of your device may be required as a last resort, however this would erase all data on the phone.

What device do you have?

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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