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when is the Tivo patch going to be made available?

Hello We are continually having the same problem whilst trying to watch programmes on demand via Netflix, which has been going on for weeks now. It keeps throwing us out and saying it has lost internet connection. This can happen several times an evening and is extremely irritating. We contacted the Virgin tech people about a week ago and were told that it is a known bug and that a patch was being made but not available yet. Any idea as to when it will be available, as we are still paying the full price for essentially a faulty service! We are very unhappy about this and seriously considering changing provider, especially as there are some good offers out there for new customers at present.
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Re: when is the Tivo patch going to be made available?

Hi mdavies26,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I'm sorry to hear you are having an issue watching Netflix via your TiVo®


We've not got a date on when the TiVo® will be updated however when we do know, we'll let you know.


Currently we're not able to refund any loss of service as Netflix is a 3rd party app that's only available to watch via TiVo® You are able to use other platforms to ensure you are getting value for money from Netflix. 


As your actual TV Service is working fine, we wouldn't look to credit you at this time. 


We are doing everything we can to fix this though and will let you know once we have any further information. 



Forum Team

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