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virgin media contract

To who it may concern.

RE Account Number ************* Area number 001

Further to my letter of 25/05/16, to which I have not received an acknowledgement, I am now writing to advise you that you are in breach of contract, as advised by Which Legal personnel today.
Virgin media broadband media contractors called at my home to install TV broadband and phone package on Friday 15th April. They were unable to install this due technical difficulties(see my letter of 25/05/16).
If this is not installed by Friday 10th June 5 pm, I will have no alternative but to seek an alternative service provider, and would advise that no circumstances any payment is withdrawn from my account, unless the job is completed to my satisfaction within this time frame.
I would appreciate an acknowledgement of my letter of 25/05/16 and look forward to your expedient response to this matter.
Your sincerely
John Peover
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Re: virgin media contract

This is just a community discussion forum so despite it looking official, it isn't. Just so you know not to expect any meaningful response or action here. You can google the CEO office email address but in my experience they promise to get back to you in response to a formal complaint but then don't. Your best chance of getting anywhere is probably to telephone in (if you have access) and go straight to the option for "thinking of leaving".

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