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tivo you tube watching videos very poor quality

ive watched a few videos on you tube the viewing quality is poor some videos are quite good any one else had bad experience

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: tivo you tube watching videos very poor quality

Hi jonathanlouis

I hope you are keeping well Jonni Smiley Happy

Regarding the You Tube videos, this could be due to the original upload quality of the video that was posted? Unless you have viewed the video in question on other devices and noticed a specific difference in quality between these in which case this could be device specific.

Please test the video in question, by looking at this on more than one device if possible and then let us know what the outcome is Smiley Happy

If other videos are unaffected, it does sound like it might just be the original video specifications that may be impacting your viewing quality if this is the same for this video on all devices but other videos are fine.

Let us know how this goes for you Jonni and speak soon.

Forum Team

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