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tivo to tivo

New to Virgin Media and having problems already only had the system a week, I'm unable to watch shows between tivo v6 boxes at first I could both boxes recognised each other now for some reason i just getting c423 error message on both boxes have looked through the forum and seen many a person with the same problem, even looked through the fixes but nothing that i can see or understand not being a techy, have tried virgin chat but funny how their busy when you have a problem but straight through when you want to join.

Any help would be appreciated and please make it easy I'm no Techy. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: tivo to tivo

Hi Woodall, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. it's really nice having a new face in the crowd Smiley Happy


Apologies to hear you are having an issue with streaming between your boxes. 


The first thing I would do is a complete reboot of everything to ensure the handshakes are being made. 


Turn both the V6 boxes and your hub off. 

Turn the hub back on and wait for it to be online and ready. 

Turn one of the V6 boxes online and wait for that to be ready. 

Finally turn on the last V6 box. 


Are you able to see the boxes on each other at this point? 


If not, let me know how the boxes are connecting to the hub so we can look at this in more depth. 


Speak soon,

Forum Team

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