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tivo stuck on installing software

turned tivo on and this popped up does anyone know how to fix tried the tv down and record button but nothing everything is connected double checked plz help??

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Re: tivo stuck on installing software

Unless this is a brand new box and you are doing a self install then I'm afraid there is a good chance your Tivo's disk may be trashed. The TiVo will be attempting a re-install because it detected a serious issue. If that fails it's usually because either the copy of the software is corrupted too or the primary boot partition is trashed.

But as I said this only applies if your Tivo was working before you saw this.
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Re: tivo stuck on installing software

Hey Missy131


I'm really sorry to learn about the problems with your TV service at the moment, I've been able to locate your account and test the box from our end for you.


We're detecting some problems at the moment and I'd like to arrange for an engineer to come and take a closer look if you're available? I've sent you information the appointment in a private message, if you could let me know when you've received the message, that would be great.


Look forward to hearing from you


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