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tivo noises

I'm a new  virgin customer, just had everything installed and we were getting some wired noises. At first I thought it was water hitting the roof on the patio but it wasn't raining, eventually I traced it back to the tivo box we have just had installed. To me it sounds like the hard drive is knackered or is about the give up the ghost, as whenever the tivo is switched on it sounds like the hard drive is constantly thrashing, I've had a few hard drives in my time and normally a noise coming from them is a sign they are not working quite right and should be replaced. This noise is more than a little bit annoying to say the least. Is this a normal thing for the tivo box or is my tivo hard drive knackered and in need of replacing.


John H

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Re: tivo noises

Hi Out-side,


Cheers for getting in touch again and letting us know how things are going in the home.


The TiVo has moving parts and especially with the hard drive, this can be heard but shouldn't be above the sound of viewing the programs. 


I would like to ask if the noise gets louder when you pick this up? Some members here have suggested that placing something soft under the feet of the box has helped in the past.


I've had a look at the equipment and the signal levels are looking quite healthy.


If this persists after this then please come back to me.



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