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tivo box pixelisation and stop starting

tivo box scrambled & stuttering

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Forum Team (Retired) BenD_H
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Re: tivo box pixelisation and stop starting

Hi there dm001g7333,


Many thanks for coming to the Community for the first time. 


I'm very sorry to hear that you've been having some pixelation when viewing your TV services on the TiVo. 


I've been looking into the services and can certainly see that there is indeed an outage listed in the area associated with pixelation at certain times of the day. 


The ticket reference is F003657806 and the estimated review date is for the 2nd of December 2015.


I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience in this and hope that we can resolve this for you sooner.


Take care. 



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Re: tivo box pixelisation and stop starting

Hi Ben, can I just say I am shocked at the estimated fix time of the 2nd December 2015. Is that correct? Now the post was not from me of course, but I am astonished a month and a half is now the waiting time for a fix to this issue for this person. What is happening with Virgin Media if they can not repair faults within say 48 hours at the maximum. What are we paying for if we have to wait over a month for a fault to be fixed? Just my opinion. Thanks. 

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Re: tivo box pixelisation and stop starting

Hi JKDerry,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy


I can appreciate your concern over the time frame given for this fault.  Ref: F003657806.


I have just looked into this and this applies to TiVo® Apps aspect rather than the whole TiVo® service.  It is something our engineering team are working on to fix.


@dm001g7333 as I mentioned above the outage issue regarding ref: F003657806 is more specific to the TiVo® Apps rather than live channels.  I would like to help check this further for you if that's ok?  


The pixelation you are experiencing, does this affect your live channels, recordings, On Demand? or All of them?


I have carried out some further checks and there is signal issues that need addressing.  


In order to get this fixed I would like to arrange for an engineer to call out and get sorted.  dm001g7333 I will send you a private message with details of the next steps.  (Look for the envelope icon above)


Cheers Smiley Happy




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