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still really poor image - pixelation bluring lack of defenition


Further to my previous post regarding picture quality i thought i would post again as i have not had a response since providing info last Friday 


Since changing from a temporary small TV to a Panasonic Viera TX-50CS520B 50 inch Full HD LED i`ve noticed the picture quality is poor, i have tried the TV using DVD as a source so that and the fact a few channels look fine rules out an issue with the TV. An engineer came out changed a three way splitter that was outside "made some other changes" and told my wife that would fix the issue. It has n`t, just slightly improved it. I went through as many of the channels as i had time to as i was asked to do and here are my findings:

Green - good


Amber - slight to medium pixelation and or ghosting/blurring


Red - bad pixalation and ghosting


It`s worth pointing out that even some of the good channels are n`t great when compared to other virgin/Sky boxes i have viewed or via a DVD source. I have checked the TV settings based on info from the Virgin media website tried both HDMI ports and different leads and restarted the box. There is a splitter outside to send a signal to another box upstairs put in by Virgin and the downstairs connection has a splitter to send a cable to the box and router. While looking at the Tivo box settings i noticed a couple relating to signal strength, i don`t know if either relate to input signal strength but neither went above 60%.


I`m currently paying for channels that are too poor to watch so any help or advice would be gratefully recieved

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