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smart card invalid 3009



I've recently changed my package and had a tivo box delivered a few days ago to replace the V+HD. Tivo worked fine once activated. The second box which I've had for years is a samsung non HD box so replaced it with a V HD which was delivered today. I rang to get it paired with the smartcard and was told that a signal had been sent down the line and would be working in about 10 minutes


After putting the phone down I turned on the tivo box and it came up with  smart card invalid 3009 error, second box now had AP52 error, I rang back and after being on hold for about 35 mins got through to someone who had trouble working out what boxes and smart cards I've got as apparently I'm paying for 3 when I have 2. He then sent signals down the line and said he needed to book an engineer for the second box as couldn't solve the AP52 error but he was restarting the tivo which would be fine in 10 minutes. After I'd put the phone down the tivo restarted with the exact same message and the second box (which the engineer is booked for) started working.


I rang back yet again to explain what had happened, but after being on hold for 25 minutes my call was answered, then disconnected straight away.


So I now have a tivo box with a smart card error and a standard box which has an engineer booked for it, but works fine and can't get through on the phone to sort it out. I'm assuming when I rang to get the V HD box paired, it was paired with the wrong card?

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Re: smart card invalid 3009

Hi there jennied,


I'd like to take the chance to welcome you to the forums, and say that I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you are getting when trying to set up your new set top boxes and of course, apologies that it took several calls.


I've run some testing from this end and can see that both boxes are now showing as online, I believe it may have been down to the time it took for the signals to come down the line. Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues, as all looks good from this end.


Many thanks and apologies again




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