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second box


I currently have



Broadband up to 152mb

phone xl

sky movies

and mobile phones with virgin


I was looking into getting a second box for my daughters bedroom as she has a disability and was told in the online chat that they would not waver anything despite my ten year loyality and large package.

Anyone else having difficulties?


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Re: second box

Best thing to do is depending on when your current contract is near the end phone up relations and ask them you would like to have some sort of the new deal/contract with a second TiVo box now I can't say they will waive the cost of activation for the second TiVo box but try and get something out of them they should give you some sort of good deal.
I was told back in May phone up around August September as they will have new deals to offer customers. ( I'm guessing for the new BT Channel coming out August 1st)
I'm too thinking of having a second TiVo box in the bedroom so the wife can watch her love your garden crab.
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