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"Keep until" - auto delete

I have set all my series links to "keep until I delete" and try to remember for individual programmes.

However, even when my box is only 70% full, it still warns me programmes will be deleted in the next three days - then I have to manually go into each one and change it.

I could understand it if my box was full but it's no where near.

Plus it's started doing it for recent programmes - I have just had to stop an auto delete for a programme I recorded last week!

Is there any way I can stop this happening?
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Re: "Keep until" - auto delete

The wording is poor as it will only delete if you fill the box.
As long as you do not get to 100% used on the box then those programmes are safe (unless you get hit by the random deleting to create space bug)
I have never used the KUID feature and have programmes on my box from 18months to 2 years ago still warning they will be deleted.
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