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my experience with virgin over tivo service

an long story but i try to cut it down -_-

over the last few weeks since virgin did their silly update our tivo service gone to pot's ie: i like question time on a thursday night when everyone in the house hold as gone to bed ,its the only time i can watch something at that time any way the wife placed it on a series link expecting it to record all new episodes up coming .come an friday night to watch it am not kiding yous their was at least 5 years of the program that was in the list. don't know why this as happen but all sugestions was turn off. any way problem no: 2 the tivo since the update as gone very slow , so i had enough phone 150  after waiting an hour i got through and i spoke to some bloke in some call centre india or some where i explain to him the problems we got, not to worrie he said i will sort it out we went through some settings and reboot's (by this timei been on the phone for 1& half hrs ) and futher 20 mins he came back said he changed some settings from his side and everything from now on will be much faster on the tivo box. i said to him with the changes he has done will their be any diffrerence to our broadband 200meg, no he said NOTHING HAS CHANGED. so we said our thank yous and have a good evening.within 10 mins the kids came down and said they have lost the internet, i turn my pc on and let to be hold our 200 meg service had drop down to 18 meg ,by this time i was getting mad yet again back on to 150 another wait of an hour till i got through to this time a nice lady from the uk explain what has happened we went through almost the same thing but the tivo was ok but the internet was s@@t ,and then i was put through to someone else and explained what happen 3hrs later the best we got 28 meg. this guy took over the pc and went through everything but with no joy. we then rebooted the pc router again hey we got something 175 meg i was told that this will the best you going to get. i told him before the other guy from the call centre messed up we was getting 200meg al day long.well 175meg is the best you getting now and  a good night and bye.

is this what virgin has become now, am sure am not the only who had this with these so called call centres thats not based in the uk. over 5 hrs on the phone its an good job 150 is free 


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Re: my experience with virgin over tivo service


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Re: my experience with virgin over tivo service

New software has something called series link +. It will include EVERYTHING on a program inc on demand etc

If you go into series links you can modify it to record 'recordings only'. 

For slowness I guess you've already see this at the top of the board

as for the bb problems your TiVo has its own dedicated internet connection which isn't affected. I'd post a question in the BB section of the forum 

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Re: my experience with virgin over tivo service

I don't know if VMs is the same but often when a router is rebooted it reconnects at a reduced speed and gradually increases it over a few days finding the sweet spot so to speak. You may find your 200Mb comes back in time.


The Indian call centre idea sucks in my opinion. Whichever eejit first decided offering customer service in a country on another continent to save money was a good idea needs a very hard and regular kick up the aris.  

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