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moving tivo box

Hi. I need to move my tivo box to the other side of my living room. Where would i be able to get 8m of cable with ends.

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Re: moving tivo box

If you can leave the box where it is & use a long HDMI cable I would do so.


The specialised triple screened coax VM use for internal connections is not commercially available. This cable has to prevent ingress of signals on DTT & DAB frequencies that VM re-uses for its own services, so the cable & connectors have to be "watertight", or they can not only disrupt your services, but track back down the cable & possibly affect your neighbours services. The other issue you could end up with is that your signal levels are adjusted for your current installation. Any change to the cable length or connectors usually has to be compensated by an adjustment in the street cabinet.


VM charge £99 for a non fault callout, so the long HDMI is by far the cheapest option.


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