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iPlayer and Netflix is slow

I'm new to VM. Had it about a month. I've tried watching a few items on iPlayer and it stops every few seconds trying to buffer before saying "something went wrong with playing this program".

Both iPlayer and Netflix take about 3 minutes to load before I can use them and they're very slow to respond to the remote. What's frustrating is a Now TV box or Amazon Fire stick with such small components can handle iPlayer/netflix much better than my TiVo box.
My standard V box with catch up handles iPlayer streaming better although it's not strictly iPlayer.
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Re: iPlayer and Netflix is slow

Unfortunately this is considered 'normal service' for many subscribers. VM have 'been working' on a fix for the past two years in my certain knowledge. C/S at VM say that it is a utilisation issue and that as iplayer is provided by the BBC it is a 'free add-on' provided by a third party.

I do not know of anybody who has managed to get a refund out of VM and the Beeb will tell you that their service works as per spec when it leaves them.

Luckily you still have access through their old technology. It cost me a new TV to get iplayer access after being 'sold' tivo technology which I was assured would be ain't : (       B

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