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hi all

there seems to me to be less and less tv channels to choose from like most of true tv not existing(on freeview) and arts 2 has gone and other channels like movies for men and other movie channels which are free to air on freeview.i am thinking of ditching the tv as it is always problematic too.i liked it at first but only keep it to store my stuff on.i,m wondering will my payment  be the same if i ditch it or will i be worse off and best keep it for the discount i the other services.i,m on m+ tv with hd but cannot afford an upgrade to the tv i,m afraid.not best pleased with the tv as i have to record on my freeview box i originally had to get most programmes i want ,it does not make sense to pay and get these services on freeview and not on my tivo box it,s ludicrouse. shall i get rid of the tv or not?

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Re: hi all

Firstly, the best idea would be to ring on 150 and discuss what your costs would be with and without TV (and I assume TiVo or V+ box)


From there you can make an informed decision. I am not rich. So every decision I make about the cost of ANYTHING is cost vs benefit. If there is little difference in cost between keeping and losing TV, and you enjoy some of the features, keep it. But if you can save a decent amount and don't really use it, get rid.


Or re-jig your package, maybe faster internet would appeal to you more than TV if your monthly outlay was to remain the same. But with bundle discounts and possible loyalty discounts in play, only the bods on the phone or web chat can really inform you enough to make a decision.



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: hi all

Hi tellto,


A warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy


Our care team on 150 will be the best team to speak to about your options as Kippies suggested Smiley Happy


It would be great to hear back how you get on.  If we can help with anything, give us a shout.


We're here to help if you need us.

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