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heard heard

Let me tell you a story about the Virgin Media Group, first of all opened a account with them 1 week later we had to send a proof of address and a passport copy, send this but 1 day later i received the modem and the Trivio box, nice. Then i waited 1 week until i made a complaint on the Virgin website.

Then suddenly my account was fine i could call in for activation which i did and was happy yesterday came home wanted to record my Eastenders suddenly the box say YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED PLEASE CALL VIRGIN again called once again they have not received my papers, send those again through email.
Guess what: called today Friday they told me it has been send through the department and waiting for feedback also received a sms that my virgin box has been delivered weirdos , so all in all again a weekend without Internet and TV just in 1 word VIRGINISSUCKS

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Re: heard heard

You will be well within the "cooling off" period, so you will be able to cancel without penalty and find another provider if you wish

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