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Firstly why is it when customers ring up to inquire about channels that are not included and have them put on a current package are you without knowledge placed into 18 months contract without being told and never sent documents for are all staff trained to lie to customers and when u ring your told all calls are recorded why can't calls be found from only two months ago proofing that you were never told you were in a contract really ironic never have I been so disgusted with a company in my life will be taking this to the financial ombudsmen since managers are closing complaints without ringing a customer to discuss the matter then other managers are having to reopen it with no idea of what's going on if you assume people will stay quite and get ripped off good luck virgin media but I will not
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Re: complaint

You can make a complaint online
Alternatively, ofcom may have some helpful advice.


These are just my opinions. Feel free to completely ignore my advice. The above message may contain sarcasm (if you can't find it, you're not looking hard enough)
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