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channels breaking up & pixelating with sound dropouts

My tivos have started having issues from friday.

The picture is breaking up and pixelating with sound dropouts making it unwatchable, but not on all channels.

I am awaiting a cable repull from cabinet to house (that was canceled see here ) due to severe powere fluctuatuions (see here )

The tivos have been fine with no issues up until friday and i'm also getting massive amounts of rs errors on the sh3ac over the last few days

Pre RS Errors18200544   26191560   23890295   23363937   22932104   19779695   187872211   6623185

Post RS Errors92374   342827   247059   251871   262982  127227   109739   60993

No point posting power levels as they fluctuate hourly from -3 to 14 downstream and 40ish to 55+ upstream

but no rs errors on the tivo boxes ???

I could live with terrible internet until the repull but not unwatchable tv and terrible internet !!!!!


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