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can i change record default (keep untill)

i have to keep changing the keep untill setting from space needed to untill i delete,because my tivo randomly wipes my rcordings that are not set as untill i delete,my mem is at 65%,is there a way to set recordings as k,u,i,delete as default.

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Re: can i change record default (keep untill)

Hi lempsky

Nope this is due to if it was set to all recordings the tivo box would stop recording.

Tivo plans recordings 14 days in advance .  You may find that tommorrow it could go up to 80 % from 65%.


Keep Until

Allows you to choose Keep Until I Delete or When Space Needed. When Space Needed (the default) is selected, the oldest programs will be deleted as space is needed to record new programs. When Keep Until I Delete is selected, programs will be saved until you manually delete them. If the hard drive fills up with programs marked Keep Until I Delete, the DVR will stop recording new programs until you free up space by deleting programs.


Its not a fault as some people think . 

Hope it helps a bit .

Let me know if you need more info  

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I work in the VM Swansea Faults Center .All comments are my own.
I do NOT speak for VM.
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