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can I go back to v+ box

The interface in TIVO is not as good or speedy as with V+.


The ongoing problem with iPlayer buffering means I have to use my smart TV for BBC catchup.....


I just upgraded and want to know if I can go back to the V+ ASAP!



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Re: can I go back to v+ box

You need to phone and ask although it's doubtful. If you're still in the cooling off period you might get TiVo taken out. 

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Re: can I go back to v+ box

The V+ boxes are all refurb units now, & are going through a gradual phasing out. Also if you changed your package for one of the "Big" bundles, the TiVO is an integral part of that package.


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Re: can I go back to v+ box

Hi Digitalden,


I'm sorry to hear that you're looking to go back to V+.  


I'd like to help find out what's happening to cause the TiVo® to be slow in response for you.


I know you mentioned BBC iPlayer buffering.  What else is running slow or not running up to speed?  


Also if you can reply with as much details as you can that would be awesome.


*  Does this happen all the times you use the TiVo®?

*  Will the buffering on the BBC iPlayer happen at certain times of the day?


I have also taken a look at your box remotely, all looks ok with the signal at present.


Keep me posted on how you get on.

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