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**bleep** TiVo box

I was with sky 16 yrs loved it , moved to a virgin area and had it recommended so I got virgin been here about 9 weeks and this box is so slow and tries to record 10 versions of each show so can't record things I want with out clashes and then having to change all settings in record thing. I am disabled and struggle sometimes but this is a joke I am missing programmes due to it. Do you not have a better box or shall I give it back and get sky ? Please answer me I'm so stressed
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Re: **bleep** TiVo box

I have been with Virgin since April, and my experience of the TiVo box has been less than impressive also.

They are due to announce their new V6 TiVo box this week. Well, it's already been revealed, I guess I really mean make available to customers.

If your experience has been so poor, and you've been with them such a short time, perhaps you could brass your case and get them to waive the box upgrade fee?
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Re: **bleep** TiVo box

The box will resolve the clashes for you - just tell it what series you want to record and it'll get it from live TV, repeats, or On Demand.

Unlike Sky, you don't have to micromanage the box to fix recording conflicts.

This explains a little better:

This may explain things a little more clearly:
Why can't the BBC keep to their schedules...

If you're getting multiple copies of the same show, what recording setting have you given in?

New - Content completely new to the UK, not new to the channel. The Simpsons on Sky1 is new to the UK so will have the New flag, whereas the same episode broadcast on Ch4 a year later has already been shown in the UK, so will not get marked as New.

New & Reruns - As above, plus the first appearance of any episode of the programme broadcast within a rolling 28 day window. If an episode of Top Gear is broadcast at 09:00 1st Jan on Dave, then when Dave repeat the same episode at 13:00 it won't get recorded. In fact no matter how many times Dave repeat the same episode, it will not get recorded again until 29th Jan. It will also record the different episode that is broadcast at 12:00 using the same rules.

** It is worth noting that at present the particular series of the programme which is broadcasting is not taken into account. i.e. there is no method to ask it to specifically filter out and record series 16 of Top Gear, you'll get whatever is being broadcast, though you should only get one copy of each episode during the 28 day window **

Everything - The fastest way to fill up the HDD. This will record every single instance of the programme it encounters, no matter how many times the channel broadcast it.

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