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amp'd splitter / relocation of TiVo

I recently had a amp'd splitter added right by my TiVo (not sure why as no issues with Tivo other than it being laggy to respond like everyone elses).

However i'm looking to move the TiVo to another room next to where the main feed comes into the house, where the new Hub3 is as well as the original splitter.

Question is - should I do away with the original splitter and use the new amp'd splitter for the hub & Tivo, that way I reduce the connections / splitters etc and both the hub & TiVo benefit from the amp'd signal? In theory creating a cleaner install? Or would the amp'd signal over cook the signal to the hub3?



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Re: amp'd splitter / relocation of TiVo

Hi Helifella Smiley Happy


Thank you for coming in and posting your message Smiley Happy


When you're looking to move some equipment around the house it can be quite easy to make the decision to remove things here and there. The downside is by doing this you can create signal ingress/egress and create some noise on the cabling. I would give us a call on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and the team will be able to arrange a call out to have an engineer move this to where you'd like. 


Many thanks and keep in touch.


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